Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year (Day) - 1/1/11

"The time is now." That statement can apply to many different situations, plans of action, thoughts and decisions. Right at this moment, it applies to my decision to stop everything and write this first blog entry of 2011. This is the first entry in a while and there is much to say, if it is assumed that anything I have to write is worth saying or reading. It may not be but I would implore you to read on anyway.

The plan is to write daily. Or, almost daily. I might even write more than once a day. What about? Oh, it could be anything. I love film and music as you might know and now that I'm living in NYC, I will be seeing my share of plays and musicals as well.

I live in NYC. That is the most unexpected occurrence of the most recent two months. As a kid, I would watch Letterman and Regis and Kathie Lee and long to be in the city. Now, I work for Bloom Avenue, a start-up and have relocated here. I did not dream that at the end of last year I would be in a new job and a new city (on the East Coast) but I am here and I am happy. This unexpected and almost spontaneous change in the holding pattern I was in has given me new life and I need to say again, I am happy.

Having just read Delivering Happiness by Zappos founder Tony Hsieh, I have a different perspective on happiness than I used to and also have a different perspective on customer service. This is so important and I have already reached back to some of the ideas in the past few days. I am grateful for Tony's book and also for the conversation I was allowed to eavesdrop on that let me find it. I am also grateful that I can feel happiness in such an uncharacteristically uninhibited way that I was able to read about it without rolling my eyes. I can also pass happiness along and fully intend to do so.

I cannot say that life is perfect. I miss my family and don't have much going on socially but I can see past these things and have plenty to do and a mind and heart that are more open to new and unplanned events than they have ever been before. I have met some cool people already; sharing a bottle of wine with a couple on their first date just because we all seemed to enjoy conversing and chatting with a total stranger over coffee because I was able to say hello. These are not unusual events where I am concerned but have been rare of late, until very recently when the weight of dismay with everything was lifted.

Let's talk Broadway. The blizzard of December 2010 caused me to miss a play I REALLY wanted to see but I am making up for it and catching it tomorrow, 1/2/2011. Today, I caught the matinee of Steven Sondheim's "A Little Night Music". I skipped this one last time I was in NYC and would have missed it altogether had it not been for a chance encounter with John Lithgow on the Subway. He recommended it. And, I am delighted that he did! I was scared to say anything when I recognized him but we ended up having a conversation that was lovely and I ended up seeing a great musical today.

Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch are closing out the show in just seven days so I was lucky to get the tip to see it when I did. Stritch is a legend and the performance was as described...legendary. Her lines were delivered flawlessly and it was a guaranteed laugh whenever she brought her wisdom and "advice" to the stage.

Peters is an actress that I do not think I've truly appreciated until now. That can be the case when one has only seen selected performances and then encounters an actress in a starring role on Broadway. I think I can only really name one Peters role which was in "The Jerk". I laugh to myself now thinking of that film but also know that there is much more to the actress than a film that was made over 25 years ago.
"Send in the Clowns" made me cry. Literally, I did not expect to cry at all, and I felt tears. There was a vulnerability and truth to her character that came out just then. An earlier speech by Henrik, the son of Peters' former lover referred to the "truth" as something all of the characters lacked. It was at this moment in the play that one truth was exposed.

It is the first day of 2011 and I have accomplished more than I did on most days in 2010 or even 2009.

Please visit often and I will too. Happy New Year. Smile about something today. It is not too late.


Jim said...

Happy New Year! Are you planning on seeing Spiderman? I really want to see it, assuming it doesn't shut down due to all the actors getting injured.

I am so happy that you are happy. This type of reset was something your soul needed. Miss you! Jim

Rabiah said...

I want to see Spiderman. I might even go this week if I have time. My friend's roommate is one of the dancers so that is pretty cool.
I would love if you guys came out to visit. Free housing. :)
I got a queen sized aerobed just in case I have visitors.